PRIME+ Models


Trek (formerly Davy Crockett)  $call for pricing$


219 sq inches of cooking surface

Ledge (formerly Daniel Boone)  $call for pricing$

458 sq inches of cooking surface

Peak (formerly Jim Bowie)  $call for pricing$

-658 square inches of cooking surface

Prime+ Grill Features 

 ~True PID Digital Controller For Precise Temperature Control

~Wi-Fi control From Home or Around the World

~Dual Meat Probes

~USB Charger

~Bottle Opener

~Interior Light

~Ceramic Igniter Rod

~Large, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Heat Shield, Drip Tray and Grill Grates

~Variable Speed Fan and Auger Motor For More Consistent Grill Temperature

~13.5” Peaked Lid for Large Volume Cooking

~12V Direct Power For Improved Pellet Efficiency and Temperature Control with Weather Proof Transformer 

~ Ashvac Cleanout System For Clean and Easy Maintenance 

~ External Heat Shield Adjuster 

~ Lid & Hopper Viewing Window 

~Rotisserie enabled

~ Front & Side Collapsable Shelves 

~Large Bottom Shelf 

~ Large Legs & Oversized Wheels