GMG Pizza Oven


PRICE $110 Davy Crockett or $185.00 (Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie)

Convert your GMG pellet grill into a wood-fired gourmet pizza oven. 

Fits Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie models. 

Includes the oven and a specially made pizza stone for the ultimate wood-fired pizza experience. 

Cook ristorante quality pizzas in 2-4 minutes. 

How does it work? 

The pizza oven attachment raises the internal temperature of your pellet grill to that of a real wood burning pizza oven by funneling the heat from the fire box directly up and into the stone baking chamber.

This creates temperatures upwards of 800 degrees fahrenheit allowing you to cook ristorante quality pizza in 2-4 minutes.

The steel housing chamber creates a unique air flow system which enhances the convective, conductive, and radiant heat in and around the cooking chamber. 

Additionally it can bake bread at 400-600 degrees or sear steaks at 900 degrees!!!

Also available - Green Mountain Grill Pizza Peel 

Davy Crockett $28 or Daniel Boone / Jim Bowie $34

**NEW**  GMG Laser Pizza Oven Temperature Gun  $65


Perfect for ensuring your pizza is picture pefect every time.  Great for barbecuing, smoking and cooking.  Works great for all applications hot or cold when precise temperature readings are needed.  Large, asy to read screen.