Accessories GMG

Pellets - We currently sell GMG Premium Gold Blend, Fruitwood Blend and Texas Blend Pellets

28 lb bag $28   

Prime Grill Cover $55 / 70 / 80  (DC, DB, JB)

Thermal Blanket $75 / 140 / 155  (DC, DB, JB)

Rotisserie for Prime Plus only $85 / 90

Stainless Steel Rib Rack $34

Smoke Rack (upper shelf) $49-55

Davey Crockett Collapsable Upper Rack $25

(not shown exactly)

Grill Mats (Frogmat alternative) 

Davey Crocket (10.5” x 15.5”$13          

Boone/Bowie  (14" x 16.5”)  $14

Digital Probe Thermometer  $23

GMG model of the Maverick DT-05 fold out instant-read food thermometer.  It has one easy on-off button and thin tip for faster and more accurate temperature reading. Temperature range -4 to 392 degrees F.

DripEZ Grease Tray Liners  $18/19

Place the stack of 3 liners on your grease tray to collect drippings. As needed, just peel away the top liner for easy clean up!

dripez trays-600x600

DripEZ Grease Tray Liners  $11

Place a liner in your grease bucket to collect drippings.  Remove and replace for easy clean up!


GMG Floor Mat  $35

Spritz Bottle $11