Grill Grates -Intro Video

Grill Grates -Great explanation video


16.25" GrillGrate Sear Station - Outstanding sear marks, perfectly uniform cooking temperature and raises grill temperature by up to 100 degrees!!!!

Three Panel Set, Fits Green Mountain & Traeger Grills   
only $100

Includes the GrateTool and User Guide - Get killer sear marks from your pellet grill


  • Raised Rail DesignI
  • Protection from Charring Flare-ups
  • Juices sizzle back into the food instead of feeding the flames
  • Great for Pizza, Fish, and Vegetables
  • Hard Anodized is 2x harder than stainless steel, will never rust and cleans easily
  • GrillGrates season with use

Better than Advertised 

Posted by Jim Scharba on Jun 6th 2016

Awesome product, works better than Advertised, using them with a new gmg pellet grill. Brought my grilling to a whole new level.

Great for my grill 

Posted by Jay Froman on Mar 2nd 2016

I bought these to add to the grilling experience on my Green Mountain Daniel Boone grill. These work as advertised and do the job of adding temperature to the grilling process. Although I've only used it three times all were good experiences. Got good grill marks and good flavors.

Grate Cleaning Brush  $28

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New Brush in use LR 1  28064.1443647038.1280.1280

Gap Panel $15

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